General sale and payment for Sveiseservice AS

§1. Generally
These conditions shall apply unless they vacated by another written agreement. Terms like customer had put forward in its order does not bind Sveiseservice AS unless it is confirmed in writing by Sveiseservice AS.

Upon purchase of machinery / equipment is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these are used acc. user guide, laws and regulations.

§2. Special orders
Written offer is binding for 30 days from the offer date, unless otherwise stated in the offer. Received an order is binding on Sveiseservice AS when Sveiseservice AS’s order confirmation is received by the customer or item is sent.

§3. Prices
Delivery charges apply unless otherwise agreed. Welding Service AS has the right to change rates by changing government taxes, customs, commodity prices and exchange rates.

§4. Delivery
Shipping paid by the customer if it is not agreed otherwise in the offer. Customer assumes the risk for the goods on delivery. If a buyer wants a special shipping need Sveiseservice AS made aware of it in time and shipping etc. will then be charged to the customer acc. current rates.

§5. Return of goods
Return of unused goods can only take place by appointment, and no later than 7 days from delivery date. Crediting will then happen to the deduction of 25%. Buyer pays shipping etc. in connection with the return / warranty and carries the risk of returned goods until they are received by Sveiseservice AS. Specially ordered goods can not be returned.

§6. Complaints / missing
The customer is obligated to check the goods upon receipt and objections concerning defects must be made in writing within 7 days from receipt of goods. Sveiseservice AS may require to inspect the goods before a complaint may be accepted. Invoice from another provider that the customer has incurred out to rectify the deficiencies are not accepted without prior agreement.

§7. Payment Terms
Invoice maturity is normally 14 days if otherwise agreed. In case of late payment calculated default interest acc. Sveiseservice AS their prevailing rates.

§8. Invoice fee
Invoice fee calculated when the credit amount is less than £ 400, -. Current fee is currently £ 50, -.

§9. E-invoicing
Invoices can be optionally sent via e-mail. Contact for registration by E-mail address.

§10. Sales Pant
Welding Service AS has a lien on the equipment until the full amount, the purchase price plus any. Expenses paid acc. Mortgage Act § 3-14.

§11. Force Majeure
If matters Sveiseservice AS’s control make it impossible or delaying delivery this implies no liability for Sveiseservice AS.

Sveiseservice AS have no liability beyond the value of the invoice, such as direct or indirect loss of production, labor costs, price differential, replacement or anticipated profits.

§12. Safety requirements
Customer acknowledges that products by careless or improper use can be dangerous. Sveiseservice AS manuals describe proper treatment if the customer requests it in his order. Customer undertakes to familiarize themselves with the operating and safety information applicable products.

§13. Disputes
Any dispute between the seller and the buyer shall be settled in conciliation or a court if no agreement is reached amicably.

§14. Scope
Sales and payment conditions for Sveiseservice AS comes as standard terms as of January 1, 2014